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Illustration for Children's Books

I am passionate about creating illustration for children’s books.  My past work comprises illustrations for ‘The Beach Tree’ written by Noreen Ree.

I have worked collaboratively with Julia Donaldson’s ‘Gruffalo’ stories for her exhibition at The Seven Stories Children's Book Centre and illustrated British Sign Language fingerspelling images that were displayed alongside the English words on an information billboard. I also did a short screen presentation about ‘The Gruffalo’.

I have designed and illustrated over 1000 images for the Sign World website. The website is about teaching British Sign Language.

I have met with a number of writers over the years and compiled a variety of illustrations that met their requests and requirements.

The Monster Chronicles Book Series

Young twins, Anders (who is deaf) and Aurora (who is hearing) share a very special bond. They live in an old and mystical Scottish village called Oban, where people are kind and friendly but have very little to spare.
Children have been mysteriously disappearing from the village for many years, until one day, Anders and Aurora stumble across an enchanted object, and find themselves in the middle of an adventure… Can they solve the riddle of the missing children? And will the strength of their bond defy the odds?

Pogo Flute the Clown cover
The Monster Chronicles; Pogo Flute The Clown Book Series III

Coming Soon!!

Children's Books

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"At Deaffest 2016 Paul Miller got involved in the Art & Photography exhibition showcasing his animation work. He professionally set up his exhibition, which looked great and was perfect for showcasing his talent as well as encouraging those who are looking to get involved in the animation area. His work is really creative especially with the use of vibrant colours. We hope he can get involved in future Deaffest’s exhibitions and give a talk to the visitors about his work!"

Louise Buglass
Deaffest PR Liaison Officer

"Your art exhibition was a great. I like your illustration of dragon and children with great painting and nice colour. It looked very nice warming and cheerio. It can suitable for anybody from child to adult.

I once watched your animation on YouTube about the dragon - interested and animation like old time to new time I mean better animation with the technology.

I think it is awesome like that is your unique animation. Praise for your working. I wish you continue your animation."

Sahera Khan


On the 3rd - 31st May 2016 I had an exhibition of my work at Wolverhampton Deaffest. The exhibition is for deaf artists and photographers to exhibit their work in the main gallery at the Light House. The Deaffest is a deaf-led film and artist festival.

Latest Publication on The Monster Chronicles: The Gingerbread Witch.

festival 4

In May 2018, Rory Studio was funded by Art Council England to travel to Taiwan and collaborate with the Taiwan National Association of the Deaf, with reference to my latest children’s book - The Gingerbread Witch. On my last visit to Taiwan back in October 2017, I was approached and asked if I would be interested in having the story translated into Chinese, more specifically Mandarin. Of course I was interested, and since then we have both created and signed a contract for the translation process to go ahead as of July 2018. It will be our aim to have the book published by November 2018 and available for sale in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China soon after that.

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