Scope Campageign: Let's Play Fair

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The ‘Let’s Play Fair’ campaign created by Scope, the equality for disabled people’s charity. Commissioned me to create and illustrate a ‘dream playground’ to use in their campaign to educate the government, schools and the general public about the importance of children’s play parks being accessible to all. This was an enjoyable project and I was very proud of the outcome - and the volume of people my work will reach. 

Children's Books

Illustrating children’s books is a passion of mine, one which has lead to working with renowned writers such as Julia Donaldson, as well as various other notable local writers. I enjoy working with writers on their commission pieces, bringing together the vision of their story. Throughout my career, I have always developed my own series of books - and in more recent years, I have launched a new series of books titled 'The Monster Chronicles'. The books are a collection of monster based stories that involve a young deaf boy fighting off various monsters - who appear in different forms - to save his twin sister. I felt compelled to write books that feature deaf characters at its core, enabling young deaf children to experience the same character relatability within a story as other children. The stories are somewhat darker than usual children’s books, and that is because I have always been interested in classic Hammer Horror films, and I am also a devoted follower of Tim Burton.

Book Illustration Samples

The Magical Storytelling Time


In 2012 I worked collaboratively with Julia Donaldson on an exhibition at The Seven Stories Children’s Book Centre. Alongside her work of The Gruffalo, I was asked to create a collection of British Sign Language fingerspelling images. I also created a short screen presentation about The Gruffalo in BSL.

On the 3rd - 31st of May 2016 I had an exhibition of my work at Wolverhampton Deaffest. The exhibition is for deaf artists and photographers to exhibit their work in the main gallery at the Light House. The Deaffest is a deaf-led film and artist festival.


"At Deaffest 2016 Paul Miller got involved in the Art & Photography exhibition showcasing his animation work. He professionally set up his exhibition, which looked great and was perfect for showcasing his talent as well as encouraging those who are looking to get involved in the animation area. His work is really creative especially with the use of vibrant colours. We hope he can get involved in future Deaffest’s exhibitions and give a talk to the visitors about his work!"

Louise Buglass
Deaffest PR Liaison Officer

"Your art exhibition was a great. I like your illustration of dragon and children with great painting and nice colour. It looked very nice warming and cheerio. It can suitable for anybody from child to adult.

I once watched your animation on YouTube about the dragon - interested and animation like old time to new time I mean better animation with the technology.

I think it is awesome like that is your unique animation. Praise for your working. I wish you continue your animation."

Sahera Khan

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