Find Out More About My  Work


Find Out More About My Work.

Is a circus performance piece by Extraordinary Bodies which took place at the Sunderland Tall Ship event in July 2018. Working together as a community cast with diverse abilities, along with the professional circus artist to create a performance based on the story of ‘What Am I Worth”. The community cast spent their time creating and performing live between the 9th July to 12th July 2018.

Extraordinary Bodies website

Theatre Production of The Gingerbread Witch from The Monster Chronicles.

With support from Arts Council England I have been able to create and develop my script of The Gingerbread Witch, from The Monster Chronicles story, into a theatre production. With two weeks of rehearsals starting on the 18th June 2018, to experiment with the first twenty minutes of the opening of the story. As a team we organised a scratch night in collaboration with Gosforth Civic Theatre to showcase our twenty minute piece to an audience of deaf and hearing people. This took place on the 28th June 2018, and was a complete success. We also organised workshops for the community to participate the next day.


Photography by Aaron Guy

Where our Roots are Planted

Guest producers Nicole Vivien Watson and Paul Miller.
Award winning deaf dance artist Antoine Hunter, Zahna Simon and 18 participle to join together in a dynamic week of creative dance activities, took place at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art October 9th to 13th 2017.

With thanks for support from Arts Council England.

Surface Area 10th Anniversary

10th June 2017

Surface Area Dance Theatre's 10th Anniversary. This took place at Dance City in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. A performance which I anticipated in the opening ceremony, and where I translated a English poem into British Sign Language.


Butoh Research & Development

29th May - 9th June 2017

Earlier this year I completed my new theatre script "The Gingerbread Witch”. During my time writing the script, I became familiar with the concept of Butoh Dance, and recently while attending a business trip to Japan; I decided to include a visit to see a Butoh performance in its homeland. I was completely inspired and fell in love with the concept of using this unique style of dance in my theatre production - specifically to the witch character.

workshop (27 of 38)
workshop (21 of 38)
workshop (19 of 38)

Sometime later, I came in contact with Vangeline France from New York City - the founder of New York Butoh Institute. I invited her to come to the UK and collaborate with me on my new production. Vangeline has kindly spent two weeks here in the UK, working hard training me in the art of Butoh dance. Together we have been creating the gingerbread witch character, and it has been an interesting learning curve for me, but also a lot of fun. I am immensely grateful for her support - not only to the physicality of the job but also towards developing my characters and bring them to life.


BSL Signed Poem and Dance Performance.

Nicole Vivien Watson - Choreographer.

During this performance, a short poem was created and conducted in British Sign Language. The extract titled ' Where is the Full Moon'. Was signed by me while three professional dancers took to the stage, and where we each performed alongside each other.

Once completed, we took a short tour of the North East, Glasgow and London. The first of three taking place at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow 16th April 2017. The second at the Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick-upon-Tweed on 22nd April 2017, and finally concluding our tour at the Turner Contemporary, Margate on the 29th April 2017.

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APorforming (3 of 2)
APorforming (2 of 2)

Exploring Lindisfarne

20th to 31st March 2017

Acting performance in British Sign Language poems.
Two week project with four professional deaf artist exploring Lindisfarne Holy Island learn history of Viking invaded Holy Island we share ideas and one artist created a painting one created a poems and I was performing on stage acting and signing poem.

Theatre Gothrella

© Illustration & Design by Paul Miller

I received a Grant for the Arts award from Arts Council England. This support has enabled the successful development of ‘Gothrella’ a theatre work that I have designed and created. I also wrote the script and I am now in the process of collaborating with Dance City, Surface Area and Zendeh. The auditions took place in December 2014 and studio development workshops began in January 2015, thereafter – the ‘Sharing’ sessions commenced on February 2015 at Dance City, Newcastle.

Further support and awards has facilitated the next stage of Gothrella, sharing to an invited audience in London.

We worked with deaf actors / dancers and hearing dancers. The story I have written is derived from my life experience as a deaf person. I have also designed the costumes for this play, which were displayed at the sharing sessions.

Gothrella London (12 of 61)
Gothrella London (13 of 61)
Gothrella London (3 of 61)

"Wow! See how I sign! These gloves are so beautiful"

Gothrella London (41 of 61)

Writer & Director - Paul Miller
Company – Rory Studio
Website –


Producer - Nicole Vivien Watson.
Company - Surface Area Dance Theatre
Website -


Gothrella in Greece

I was invited to visit ‘Greek Deaf Theatre’ in Athens, Greece, at end of February 2016. Nicole Vivian Watson the producer of Gotherlla organised a one week stay - meeting and working with deaf actors and actress from Athens. We spent our time experimenting with Gothrella using Greek Sign Language and involving different aspects of their culture. We also exchanged our own experience of the deaf world and working within the theatre.

Greek Deaf Theatre has been a successful theatre company for many years, predominantly creating performances around Greek politics and history (a lot of their productions involve government protests). Gotherella received quite an impact on Greek Deaf Theatre due to its fairy-tale content, something they are not so familiar with - as it has not been present in their theatres for many years. Our visit was extremely successful and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. We hope to visit ‘Greek Deaf Theatre’ again in the near future to perform the full script of Gothrella.

Paul Miller
© Paul Miller Photography

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