Animation for Theatre

This animation served as a backdrop for 'The Gingerbread Witch' theatre show, where it was projected onto a white screen using a projector. The performance took place at Newcastle Live Theatre, Art Center Washington, and Queen Hall Hexham in 2023

Kim Mcdemottroe's Field Journal.

Working with Kim early this year as her mentor has been a real privilege. Kim is an incredible artist who has an extraordinary ability for developing fantastic and unique characters born from unusual places. For this project, Kim wanted to go one step further and bring her illustrations to life through stop motion animation - which she has never done before. Together, we really worked from scratch, learning the basics of getting started and the techniques involved in really bringing her characters personality alive. Kim worked hard developing materials and textures that could be used in keeping her model mobile, so that it can be used time and time again. Kim has since gone on to exhibit her work in her own exhibition. You can find out more about the project here.


Kim: “Paul’s input was super important to the project, he was a patient mentor and very knowledgeable about animation. I am grateful he worked alongside me to shape such a personal project.”

Photography by Kev Howard

New Signs for Animation With Jonathan Mortimer

I was commissioned as a consultant by Jonathan Mortimer for the project ‘New Signs for Animation - BSL’. For this, I was asked to closely examined the illustrations checking they were accessible to deaf people. For example, whilst looking through the storyboards, I spotted that the girl did not look deaf. I mentioned this, and suggested if the girl wore hearing aids she would become easily identifiable as a deaf person. The girl also needed stronger facial expressions when looking confused, and with a bit of support this really improved. Finally, I did a short one second animation to be included in the video; where a hand reaches out for a book and lifts it off the shelf. Overall it was a good project and I enjoyed it.

Solir The Alien 2022

Solir the Alien poster copy 2
Solir the Alien 2
Solir the Alien 7

The new animation short film of ‘Solir the Alien’, from The Monster Chronicles Book Series.

The Pumpkin King 2020/2021

The Pumpkin King poster

A animation short film of ‘The Pumpkin King’, from The Monster Chronicles Book Series, commissioned by Disconsortia.

Award Winning Animation Short Film 2019

The Gingerbread Witch Poster 2 copy
Portfolio Paul Miller 2020
In 2019, Deaffest awarded my animation short film ‘The Gingerbread Witch’ as well as ’Best Artistic Short Film' - and, in the same year, I was also awarded ‘Best Animation Short Film’, by Festival Clin d’Oeil in France.

Live action film: Rebecca’s Wishing Stars

First successful live action short film for deaf and hearing children, funded by BSLBT. Follow the link now to watch the film. ‘Rebecca’s Wish Stars’ showing on BSLBT website


John Smith Deaf 07 comedy Animation 2022 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited)

Solir The Alien 2022 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited, Produced)

The Pumpkin King 2020 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited, Produced)

John Smith Deaf 07 comedy Animation 2019 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited)

The Gingerbread Witch 2019 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited, Produced)

Nervith the Dragon 2017 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited, Produced)

John Smith comedy Animation 2015 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited)

Rebecca’s Wishing Stars 2015 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited)

Oka 2015 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited, Produced)

Boris Bolt 2013 (Written, Directed, Animated, Illustrated, Edited, Produced)

Rory Gets Fit 2011 (Written, Directed, Animated, Edited, Produced)

Hansel and Gretel 2011 (Directed, Animated, Edited)

The Lad of the Rings 2010 (Directed, Animated, Edited)

Humpty Dumpty 2009 (Directed Animated)

Rory’s Teeth 2007 (Written, Directed, Animated)

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